Feedback is a teaching tool for the physical arts. Inline skating, martial arts, dance, yoga, sports coaching, music instruction, public speaking coaching, personal training, choreographing, and much more.

Instructors and students can send each other videos with notes. The notes themselves are marked at specific points in the video and can be text or even a drawing on a snapshot of the video.

For instructors

  • Become an effective and efficient teacher
  • Receive additional revenue by working with students outside the studio
  • Improve student retention by easily helping those that need a little extra personal attention
  • Go beyond your neighborhood and timezone - reach students that can't attend live sessions

For students

  • Learn your new art faster and more easily
  • Receive personalized attention to effectively address trouble spots or get a leg up on the next move
  • Learn and practice at your own pace
  • Work with your instructor outside the studio

Coming soon to iPhone

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Side by Side

Side by Side is an app to compare videos. Load one video on top and another on bottom. With simple controls, you can easily synchronize the videos and play them back, slow or fast, forwards and backwards.

Side by Side is great for those learning physical arts, including dance, martial arts, roller blading, or any other technical art. Use to see how your technique compares to that of your instructor. Or view your own progress over time.

Software Engineering Services

Accelerate your project from zero to done

Google Caliber Talent

Over five years of experience with contributions to Google Docs, Google Search, Google dotOrg, and Google Ideas.

Full Stack Expertise and Versatility

Front-end, backend, mobile. From large scale systems to experimental prototypes, and everything in between. You're covered.

Many Languages, Zero Barriers

Java, JavaScript, Swift 3 (iOS), Python, HTML/CSS, PHP, AngularJS, App Engine, Protocol Buffers, and more.

Beyond Just Coding

A holistic approach to your project with expertise in UX design, Photoshop, video editing, social media, agile, and mentoring.

A member of 10x Management's roster of high-end tech freelancers

Professional Inline Skating Services

You just found your showstopper

On Screen

  • Branchez - Dreamer | Official Music Video | Vimeo Staff Pick
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | Season 3

Seen At

  • Dreamland Roller Disco | Prospect Park, Brooklyn
  • Washington Square Park | NYC
  • Black Rock Roller Disco | Burning Man


  • SkateIA Certified Level 1 Skate Instructor
  • SkateIA / WSSA Certified Slalom Skating Instructor
  • Workshops across the US and beyond | New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver BC, Cuba

Community Contributions

  • Wednesday Night Skate NYC | Staff
  • Empire Skate Club | Staff
  • USA Roller Sports Slalom Skating | Committee Member

Kinetic Expression LLC

a note from the founder

In 2016, following an amazing five years at Google, I left my job to pursue a life that's more kinetic. Although I didn't know precisely what was next for me professionally, I understood that it would involve my aptitude for software engineering and my passion for roller blading and the physical arts. I spent the next few months embracing the kinetic lifestyle, skating at events all across the country, from practices to competitions, workshops to instructor retreats, and social meetups to film sets. Soon after, with inspiration and ideas in hand, I founded this company.

Kinetic Expression LLC exists to help people achieve a kinetic life through my work in software engineering and the physical arts. If you have an exciting tech project in health, fitness, or education, I'd love to offer my expertise as a freelancer. If you're looking to improve your skating skills or showcase my style, I'll put on some wheels and moves for you. And if you're looking to help yourself or others be kinetic, check out my iPhone apps.

Yours truly,
Arnav "Sonic" Shah
Founder, Software Engineer, Professional Skater

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